Our Greener Refuelling Solutions

is the TITAN AVIATION innovation that aims at drastically reducing oil consumption, noise and air pollution , by using the power of the hydrant flow instead of the chassis motor power. EZ FUELLING is also a good opportunity to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude, to improve your quality of service and the comfort of your staff.
This solution exists in 3 versions, allowing an engine-off refuelling, whether it is with an aircraft refueller of a hydrant dispenser. Thanks to EZ FUELLING, the energy required to operate is either generated by a turbine, additional batteries or by the Start & Stop system.

  • Each EZ Fuelling version enables:

  • Fuel savings

  • Maintenance cost savings on the chassis engine

  • Carbon footprint reduction

  • Better working conditions: less exposure to air polluants, less noise, less vibrations

  • Ez Fuelling could be install on every chassi.

Main strengths

  • Instant comfort improvement for the operator

  • No long electrical chassis charge

  • Hydrant dispenser usable on a 24/7 basis

  • Standard chassis: maintenance can be done by dealers

  • No hot point under the aircraft wing during the refuelling operation

  • Less air pollution for the operator and the environment

  • Less vibrations and less noise for operator