On demand projects

ravitailleur sur-mesure

TITAN DEFENSE and its engineers team answer precisely to your specific needs. We work on your specifications or in collaboration with you to define together equipment and options adapted to your activity. Each TITAN DEFENSE vehicle is entirely customizable. Moreover, we integrate the last developed innovations, and we can adapt options for you.

  • Chassis choice depending on your needs (road or off-road, airport only...)

  • Suitable tank capacity

  • Customizable distribution performance and equipment 

  • Quality test and sampling options

Our equipment DNA

titan défense

For each project, TITAN DEFENSE asserts its identity and expertise, offering reliable, performing, innovative, and at the cutting edge of technology equipment and vehicles, to answer all your needs for refuelling.

Proven experience

  • More than 60 years of experience in civil and military refuelling

  • International norms and standards conformity

  • Proven technologies and vehicles, in the field

  • Reference all around the world

Adapted features

  • Air-transportable and deployable equipment, for tactical environment

  • Armored systems and tactical equipments

  • High resistance and anti-corrosion components

  • Innovative solutions: user ergonomic, green solutions, digitalization...

Complete service

  • Availability for spare parts and components (All4jet)

  • Customizable preventive maintenance program

  • Training sessions and on-site commissioning

  • Dedicated technical support


Specific request ? Project ?

Send us your specification for any non-standard project