Maintenance, repair et overhaul

TITAN DEFENSE operates on military and civil airports, with the support of TITAN AVIATION SERVICE technicians team, to do preventive or corrective maintenance, all around the world. We ensure the operational condition and the regulatory conformity of your stationary and mobile refuelling equipment, of all brands. Each operation is followed by a report from our technicians. These report can be used in audits and can help to orientate your maintenance draft budget.


TITAN DEFENSE works with its sister company, TITAN AVIATION SERVICES, certified in the legal metrology sector ad allowed, according to French regulation, to:

  • Operate primitive and / or periodical measurement checks (EMLEA)
  • Diagnose and fix brand measuring unit breakdown
  • Modifying existing units (metrology files elaboration).

Besides their etrology qualification, our technicians are also specialized in the refuelling ector and can operate without your teams support. Finally, they dispose of every means of calibrating and spare parts necessary to their activities.

Technical advice

Our engineering office realize your customized projects and adjust it to your constraints. We study together your needs feasibility, we advise you, and we define and validate your technical specifications with our expertise. Thanks to their technical, legal and operational knowledges, our technicians and engineers can assist you to write a precise bill of specifications.